Building upon the Warsaw Declaration, the Community of Democracies seeks to support democratic transition and consolidation worldwide and help bridge the gap between principles of democracy and universal human rights and practice by:

  • Assisting societies in the development and strengthening of democratic institutions and values
  • Identifying, alerting and responding, consistent with the UN Charter and the Warsaw Declaration to threats to democracy so as to assist states to remain on the path to democracy
  • Supporting and defending civil society in all countries
  • Advancing broad-based participation in democratic governance
  • Giving a voice to those working peacefully for democracy in all countries

The Community of Democracies will seek to achieve these goals by: creating a global network of government representatives, members of legislative bodies, civil society and other stakeholders committed to these goals; sharing ideas, advice and best practices; providing opportunities for coordinating democracy support activities; and working towards a common democratic voice in international organizations.