Working Group on Women and Democracy

Women play a significant role in the process of democracy. Through an equal and fair political process, a woman’s voice can be heard and laws can accommodate her interests. Also, active participation and equality will allow women to influence decision-making initiatives, which are the foundation of development, peace, and democracy.

The Working Group (WG) on Women and Democracy was founded by the Community of Democracies (CoD) to provide a platform, as well as an opportunity to participate in activities that will aim to increase the awareness of women’s role in democratic society.

The roots of the Working Group go back to 2010 when the CoD Presidency of Lithuania founded the group.

The Working Group discusses and fosters women’s political participation, representation, and leadership through:

  • Identifying and promoting best practices, policies, and mechanisms facilitating women’s full and democratic access to and participation in the political sphere
  • Recommending guidelines and recommendations for governments aimed at ensuring equal political participation and representation for women as voters, candidates, policymakers, and holders of political office