Affiliated Bodies

The Community of Democracies is an intergovernmental organization, but it has always sought to include a diverse group of nongovernmental stakeholders in its activities, ranging from academics who study democracy to civil society organizations that defend human rights.

The organization routinely consults with affiliated bodies that have the expertise and independence to advise the Governing Council and assist the Permanent Secretariat in their efforts to monitor the state of democracy and provide support to those who are committed to the democratic principles in the Warsaw Declaration.

Academic Advisory Board (AAB) – is an international panel of eminent experts established with a goal of providing the Community the access to the brightest minds working in the areas of democratic theory and practice.

Civil Society Assembly with its International Steering Committee (ISC) – is an independent group that includes representatives of civil society who provide ongoing counsel to the Community. It develops strategies and activities to promote civil space, evaluates Community activities, proposes areas for consideration and expresses the views of civil society to the Governing Council.