Our Values

The Community of Democracies was established with the intention of spreading and strengthening democracy around the world.

As stated in the Warsaw Declaration, the Community’s founding document, the Community of Democracies and its Governing Council member states agree to act guided by shared principles and values that include:

  • Effective cooperation between governments
  • Inclusion of countries that find themselves at different phases of their democratic transition
  • Pluralism and multiculturalism in intergovernmental discussions, and cohesion in action
  • Inclusion and protection of civil society organizations in the decision-making process
  • Education as a means to create better citizens and better societies
  • Participation of marginalized groups such as women and minorities
  • The respect and protection of human rights

The Community of Democracies has been collaborating with other international institutions according to these principles, working to strengthen democracy all over the world by promoting civic education, creating new opportunities and safe spaces for peaceful confrontation, supporting civil society and independent media and assisting governments in economic and social development.