Youth Empowerment

Youth participation in public life is an important element of sustainable democracies. For the Community of Democracies (CoD), youth engagement is one of the cross-cutting themes mainstreamed into all its activities.

The Community of Democracies (CoD) works with youth from across the world to discuss country-specific as well as global democracy and human rights-related issues. Young people contribute to a number of CoD activities, from thematic discussions to major democracy gatherings such as the CoD Ministerial Conference, CoD Youth Forum, and the Summit For Democracy.

CoD YouthLeads

The CoD YouthLeads is an informal, voluntary group of young pro-democracy advocates advising the CoD on effective practices, strategies, and actions to enhance youth engagement in democracies worldwide. CoD YouthLeads actively engage in CoD activities from thematic discussions to major CoD gatherings and provide action-oriented recommendations on democracy-related issues to the CoD Governing Council. The CoD YouthLeads joint activities are supported and coordinated by the Permanent Secretariat of the Community of Democracies.

Announcement of CoD YouthLeads 2023-2024

Disclaimer: CoD YouthLeads act in their personal capacity and do not represent the official position of the CoD. 

Tech Talks: Digital Tools in Democracy

CoD YouthLeads event at the 3rd Summit for Democracy in Seul

#CoDYouthLeads event: Tech Talks: Digital Tools in Democracy, held in the framework of the 3rd Summit for Democracy, engaged representatives from the United States, Canada, and International DEA in a dialogue on he role of technology and social media in elections and the importance of digital literacy.

Blueprint for Youth Electoral Engagement

A new series of articles by CoD YouthLeads

In the lead up to the 3rd Summit for Democracy, the CoDYouthLeads developed “A Blueprint for Youth Electoral Engagement,”  series of articles. It is dedicated to showcasing effective strategies and policies from around the globe that enhance youth participation in electoral processes.

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Youth Recommendations to Increase Engagement in Democracy

Developed by CoDYouthLeads as a follow-up to the U.S. Summit for Democracy,  the report lists practical steps on how to increase youth inclusion in democracy.

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