Blueprint for Youth Electoral Engagement

A new series of articles by CoD YouthLeads

In the lead up to the 3rd Summit for Democracy, the CoD YouthLeads developed a series of articles: “A Blueprint for Youth Electoral Engagement”, showcasing effective strategies and policies from around the globe that enhance youth participation in electoral processes.

Taiwan’s blueprint for youth electoral engagement

The inaugural article focuses on Taiwan’s approaches to engaging young voters. This series aims to serve as a resource and inspiration for stakeholders – both governments and civil society – interested in amplifying the voice of youth in democratic practices worldwide.

Georgia’s Youth: A Path to Electoral Engagement

The article discusses how  Georgia’s efforts to boost youth’s participation in elections could shape the country’s future.

Youth Power: Shaping Nigeria’s Political Future

The 2023 General Elections in Nigeria witnessed a historic surge in youth participation, reflecting a pressing demand for a more inclusive administration. This article by CoD YouthLead Moses Abolade discusses the role of young people in shaping Nigeria’s political future.

Youth Dynamics: Shaping South Korea’s Political Landscape

In South Korea’s upcoming elections, youth politics and the engagement of young voters, comprising approximately 31.1% of the electorate, are crucial. In this article CoD Youth Lead from the Republic of Korea, Sohee Yang, discusses how the youth dynamics are shaping South Korea’s political landscape.

Youth at the Ballot Box: Mobilizing for Canada’s Election

Increasing youth involvement in Canada’s upcoming federal election is vital, considering the gap in participation between different age cohorts. In this article, CoD YouthLead from Canada, Haleema Ahmed, discusses mobilizing youth for Canada’s election.

Youth Driving Change: Zambia’s Path to Electoral Empowerment

In Zambia, the legacy of youth activism in shaping the nation’s political landscape spans decades, from challenging colonial rule to modern-day electoral engagement.In this article, CoD YouthLead from Zambia, Mwila Chriseddy Bwanga, discusses how young Zambians are asserting their influence by actively participating in elections and advocating for increased representation in governance.

Youth Redefining Democracy: Guatemala’s Electoral Odyssey


In this article, CoD Youth Lead from Guatemala, Walter Corzo, highlights how young voters are redefining democracy.