The Community of Democracies launches #CoDYouthLeads Campaign to highlight the relevance of the Warsaw Declaration to a new generation


#CoDYouthLeads: At its 20th anniversary, the Community of Democracies (CoD) engages young democracy leaders from across the world to share their stories on  democracy and highlight the relevance of the Warsaw Declaration to the next generation.

Adopted in June 2000 by 106 states, the CoD founding document, the Warsaw Declaration, outlines 19 core democratic norms and principles for the effective establishment and consolidation of democracy. Much has changed in the world in the past two decades and this historic moment of the 20th anniversary of the Warsaw Declaration is an opportunity to look at its principles from the perspective of young democracy leaders.

“ When I came to the Community of Democracies in 2017, Secretary Madeleine Albright urged me to not spend too much time being nostalgic for the liberal international framework of the past 70 years, but to work to equip a new generation to shape the democratic security and economic international architecture of the next 70 years.  CoD YouthLeads is meant to support the next generation as they shape their world in adherence to the Warsaw Declaration.” – said CoD Secretary General Thomas E. Garrett

Youth empowerment is one of the cross-cutting themes mainstreamed into all activities of the Community of Democracies and also a priority for the CoD 2019-2021 Presidency of Romania. Commenting on the campaign, Romania’s Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu said:

“ As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Community of Democracies this year, we have the opportunity to recognize innovative means of promoting democracy, which speak to the heart of people. The #CoDYouthLeads campaign emphasizes that courage and creativity mobilize democratic action. We have to take action in order to make the voices of the young generation heard. Under the current circumstances, with a pandemic that makes some conventional forms and avenues of democratic participation more difficult to access, we should include digital democracy tools in our interactions. In this sense, the Romanian CoD Presidency pays special attention to youth support for democracy throughout our mandate. I am looking forward to the CoD Youth Forum, which Romania will organize this summer.”

As part of the #CoDYouthLeads social media campaign, CoD Youth Leads – young activists and democracy leaders from different countries and world regions, from Canada to Estonia through Nepal to Haiti, share engaging and inspiring stories speaking on their personal experience and contributions towards defending, promoting, or strengthening democracy.

“ They were children when the Warsaw Declaration was adopted. Some grew up in established democracies, others experienced democratic transitions or living under non-democratic rule. But they each believe that democratic values and the desire for freedom are universal and apply to all, across the world, across the generations, across social or economic backgrounds.  We created this campaign to show that twenty years on, the values of the Warsaw Declaration are very much relevant to a younger generation and expect the Youth Leads will translate its 19 principles anew, and will highlight the important role of young people in building and preserving democracy.”- added Secretary General Garrett.

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