Meeting with women Ambassadors on the anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325

On the October 31 anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325, the CoD met with women ambassadors accredited to the Republic of Poland to discuss a recent study on women and peacebuilding. 

In its 19th year of implementation, UNSCR 1325 in its first paragraph calls for “an increase in the participation of women at decision-making levels in conflict resolution and peace processes.” 1325 also recognizes that the “full participation of women in the peace process can significantly contribute to the maintenance and promotion of international peace and security.”

Governing Council Member State Republic of Korea has long supported CoD initiatives advancing women’s participation in public life, and most recently funded a CoD research project “Engaging Women in Sustaining Peace.”  The study was launched on the margins of the 74th United Nations General Assembly in New York in September 2019 and identifies best practices in women’s participation in conflict resolution and peacebuilding from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America as well as challenges that women face in these post-conflict settings.