Press Release: The Community of Democracies to set up a Democracy Partnership with the Government of Ukraine

June 28, 2014

At its meeting in Warsaw last week, the Community of Democracies (CD) Governing Council (GC) unanimously decided to support Ukraine in its efforts to further consolidate democracy in the country. The CD mandated its Secretary General, Ambassador Maria Leissner, to engage in a dialogue with stakeholders in Ukraine over a working plan for assistance. The proposal was adopted following a call for assistance from the Government of Ukraine, and was supported by Ukrainian civil society representatives.

Among the proposed focus areas for the Democracy Partnership are decentralization of power and strengthening of local government, civil society participation, anti-corruption and other issues where the Participating States of the Community of Democracies can share experiences and expertise with the Government of Ukraine.
“All of the GC Member States have emphasized the need to help Ukraine. The model of the Community of Democracies for assistance for countries undergoing democratic transition already exists, and we will be ready to proceed as soon as we engage in a dialogue with the government and civil society in Ukraine over their needs and expectations”, said the Secretary General of the Community of Democracies, Maria Leissner.
For more details, please contact the Chief-of-Staff to the Secretary General, Ms. Magdalena Gawro?ska.