Support for Democratic Transition

Dozens of democratic traditions have occurred since the founding of the Community of Democracies in 2000, offering models of reform that can be shared among emerging democracies.  By supporting countries that have recently embarked on the democratic journey, the Community contributes to the protection of the values and principles of the Warsaw Declaration.

In line with the CoD’s Strategic Plan 2018-2023, the Governing Council Member States aim to provide sustained support for key democratic consolidation in transitioning countries outside the Community. In cooperation with civil society, Governing Council Members coordinate their support for democratic processes and institutions in key countries that are committed to democratic reforms.


Areas of focus include:

  • Building on work conducted as part of the Democracy and Security Dialogue, the Governing Council will consider requests to establish Working Groups to ensure sustained, coordinated support for post-conflict countries, based on best-practices such as the appropriate sequencing and timing of assistance for elections.
  • Inviting government officials and civil society representatives from transitioning countries to Governing Council meetings to give first-hand accounts of progress and challenges, and to articulate the specific type of support and engagement required.
  • Governing Council meetings will periodically feature briefings by government or civil society leaders, or former leaders who have spearheaded particularly impactful democratic reforms in transitioning countries.
  • To increase coordination and efficiency, UN agencies, regional organizations, civil society, or other subject-matter experts will be invited to be present and brief the Governing Council during these meetings.