#CoDYouthLeads Voices

The CoD Youth Leads represent different countries, world regions, and diverse views on democracy-related challenges and opportunities. In the CoD August newsletter, we were pleased to include short articles by some of the CoD Youth Leads, presenting their views on democracy-related issues. The articles follow conversations held at July’s CoD Youth Forum on issues such as democratic governance and sustainable development.

‘What is your attitude towards youth? Are they leaders of today, or leaders of tomorrow?’– By Tinatin Oboladze from Georgia

‘Youth Participation in Peace Processes Key to Sustainable Development’ -By CoD Youth Lead Rafiu Lawal from Nigeria

‘YOUth are not Losing Sight of the 2030 Agenda’– By CoD Youth Lead Lynrose Jane D. Genon from the Philippines

‘ COVID19 – What is happening with cooperation and NGOs? ‘ – By CoD Youth Lead Walter Corzo from Guatemala

‘Wathint’ abafazi, wathint’ imbokodo’(You Strike a woman, You Strike a Rock)- the battle cry of South African Women’ – By CoD Youth Lead Reyaaz Scharneck from South Africa