Report: Technology in Elections. Best Practices in Using Digital Tools and Platforms in the Community of Democracies

Report to the Community of Democracies’ Working Group on Democracy and Technology by Mr. Septimius Parvu. The study Technology in Elections – best practices in using digital tools and platforms in the Community of Democracies’ Member States, was funded by Georgia and the United States.

The report aims to map and detail the use of technology by participating CoD Governing Council member states in their electoral processes and highlighting the means through which transparency and integrity are ensured. A questionnaire was distributed to all GC members to map the main instruments that electoral administrations use in their activity. The goal was also to identify interesting technological achievements in the process of election administration by members to be shared and possibly recommended for implementation, with necessary adaptation. The questionnaire also focused on essential topics such as observability, testing, resources, and lessons learned.