“Being an intern at the Community of Democracies was a wonderful experience. Working along the PSCD team has taught me a lot about how an intergovernmental organization functions. I’ve had the chance to work on several different projects and assist different units, providing me with an excellent outlook on what the CoD does.”

Alma Strid

“The internship helped me get a good grasp of the dynamics of international geopolitics, as well as the challenges involved in being the organization that must balance the competing interests of all its members. Getting to sit in on the Governing Council meetings was a unique insight into the debates that go on at high-level international meetings.”

Joseph Mansour


“Working as an intern in the Community of Democracies was a great chance to understand how intergovernmental organizations operate and to get experience in different kinds of activities. Moreover, the people of the Community were all open and friendly. The internship gave me a unique opportunity to observe the professional side of the field of international relations.”

Aleksander Palikot

Why did you decide to apply for the internship program?

“I wanted to get a feeling of what it is like working in international development and to get a chance to contribute to something I cared about. Also, I longed to try to live abroad and a summer in Warsaw seemed like a good opportunity.” – Lars Guettler, Sweden

” I was looking for an opportunity to complement my studies with practical experience in a fast-paced and collaborative environment that would provide insight into intergovernmental work and global environment” – Elina Solomon, France


What was your experience like?

” From the brainstorming sessions on projects to the general discussions over lunch, I got to explore diverse methods of situational assessment, while having fun doing it. It is highly refreshing to be among a group of skilled, intelligent and fun-loving people dedicated to helping find practical solutions to issues relating to the ideals of democracy.” – Samuel Asante, Ghana

“I enjoyed my internship and observed how an intergovernmental organization functions. I supported the team in organizing various diplomatic meetings.” – Magdalena Niewiadomska, Poland

“My six months at the PSCD allowed me to learn a great deal that you can’t learn in the classroom or from a textbook.  It was an enlightening and enriching experience, and provided me with an understanding of the operational features, the diplomatic nuances, and the aspects of cooperation involved in the functioning of an intergovernmental organization.”- Brian Felix, United States of America

“Within the Community, I have always felt as a complete member of the team and I have really appreciated the working atmosphere. The six months I spent there flew by, and it was a good opportunity to learn a great deal, to strengthen my skills and to gain confidence before looking for a job at the international level.” – Aurélie Surget, France

“Coming from an NGO background, interning at the PSCD gave me a fuller idea of how the global development and democracy system operates from an intergovernmental, high-level perspective. I saw foreign policy and diplomacy in action and assisting in both projects and communications helped me understand the challenges of handling sensitive and politically charged content.” – Kylee Pedersen, Canada

”Whether it was drafting project proposals, preparing talking points, or editing publications, every day provided invaluable insight into the realities of intergovernmental work and global development. It was a privilege to watch the Community evolve and adopt a new Strategic Plan, as well as meet people of diverse professional backgrounds.”- Elina Solomon, France

Did you learn any useful skills?

“One of the most important skills I learned was to be adaptable. The ability to adapt to different situations was crucial to success. The program challenged me by requiring I step out of my comfort zone.” – Tiffany Odeka, Nigeria

“A particular skill that I utilized was organization, as I balanced multiple tasks that each required significant attention to detail due to the responsibility that was given to me. “ – Christopher Howells, the UK

“I have really appreciated being able to work on a variety of projects, from research to communications and organizing events. This meant that I could develop my skills in a number of different areas.” – Mary Maschio, the UK

”Moving to Poland and working with people of diverse professional backgrounds honed my teamwork skills, attention to detail, and adaptability. I know the experience will support my work and shape my aspirations for years to come.” – Elina Solomon, France

How has your internship helped prepare you for other opportunities?

“The letter of recommendation I received upon my departure from the Community of Democracies has provided me with positive attention to my applications – both academic and professional.” – Lars Guettler, Sweden

“The fast-paced environment helped me to get a demanding job in project management – my new boss is very impressed with my CoD experience!” – Magdalena Zaras, Poland

 “I felt that my ideas and contributions were encouraged and valued throughout my internship, giving me confidence to continue to strive to create positive impact in my future endeavors.”- Kylee Pedersen, Canada

“This experience enabled me to gain useful skills, and provided me with a clearer idea of what career path I would like to pursue in the future.” – Carolina Gebel, Canada