Ministerial Conferences

Leaders of the world’s democracies come together every two years for a Ministerial Conference that reconfirms their commitment to core democratic principles and sets the global agenda for the Community of Democracies.

On September 15th, the International Day of Democracy, The United States Secretary of State Mr. Rex Tillerson hosted the 2017 Community of Democracies’ Governing Council Ministerial meeting in Washington D.C. Click here to read remarks from the meeting.

The 2017 Ministerial concluded the U.S. Presidency of the Community (2015-2017).

As of September 15th 2017, the Community of Democracies is chaired by the collective leadership comprising seven members of the Executive Committee  (EC): Chile, Norway, Poland, Republic of Korea, Romania, Sweden, UK. The EC states will collectively lead the Community of Democracies for the period from 2017 to 2019.

The first term of the rotating chairmanship of the Executive Committee was chaired by Norway (September 2017- March 2018). On March 15th 2018, the chairmanship was passed to Chile who will chair the Executive Committee for the next six months.